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How to Create Custom Promotional Products with Meaning

March 25th, 2019

“What new products do you have?”

Customers are frequently interested in hearing about the latest and greatest in custom promotional products. While The J Paul Company is always creating custom products and searching for new and innovative ideas to show our clients, some of the best products have actually been around for years.

We’ve all seen a branded journal with a company’s logo printed on the cover. They may come in different colors and styles, but they are a product most everyone has seen. What can be done to make this a “new product”? 

custom promotional products

Add a Personalized Touch

With a bit of personalization, custom promotional products can go from dust collectors to items that are useful, impactful, and cherished by the people that receive them for years to come. Doing so will turn an expense into an investment, which is exactly what makes The J Paul Company different. We pride ourselves in taking a common promotional product and personalizing it into something that will send a message that truly resonates with its recipients.

One example involved a client whose charity supported a children’s hospital. They asked us to produce a number of personalized journals, but we wanted to take it a step further. Rather than simply incorporating their logo, we added in a tip-in page (a page or set of pages printed with your custom design) to the front of the journal. The J Paul team created this page with letters from the children at the hospital in which they thanked the sponsors for their contributions and support. Although the letters were written in crayon, our team was able to create a replica that was then incorporated in each journal. By creating a custom promotional product with meaning, we were able to help bring further attention to the charity and to make every recipient proud to know that their company was giving back. 

custom promotional products

Another client, the convenience store chain 7/11, was also able to turn an expense into an investment with an embroidered hat. How many embroidered hats have you received at various trade shows, golf tournaments, and other events? Chances are, they end up tucked away in your closet and are quickly forgotten. However, 7/11 took the hats that we created for them, had their Indy Racing League driver sign them, and then The J Paul Company turned them into prized mementos encased within an acrylic box. Now, those hats are proudly displayed all over the country because of an added touch of personalization.

Here’s How You Can Make it Special

With a little bit of creativity and extra thought, any promotional item can be turned into a valuable investment. Here are 5 ideas that you can apply to your own company:

1.         Host a design contest for your next company t-shirt to allow your employees to become a part of the process and create something special.

2.         Create a limited-edition, branded product each year that your employees or clients can look forward to with excitement.

3.         Select an item you can personalize with an employee or customer name.

4.         Encourage employees and customers to purchase your promotional items by tying milestones to additional charity contributions.

5.         Create a new hire welcome kit for your employees and place it on their desk or in their work area when they arrive on their first day. This is a great way to say, “Welcome to our team”. Kits can be created for current employees, too. Leave them something small to say, “Thanks for all that you do.”

When all is said and done, our mission at The J Paul Company is to bring ordinary products to life with your brand and personalized message. Your company’s message, goals, and culture combined with our ability to customize and personalize can make the best new products on the market.

Let’s get personal.

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