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This is How You Prepare for a Trade Show with Ease

March 22nd, 2019

The J Paul Company’s E-Commerce Solution

Have a big trade show coming up? If so, you’re likely working through a long list of preparations. Ensuring all of your promotional items are organized and ready to go may not be top of mind, and it shouldn’t have to be. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on preparing you and your employees for the big day, rather than putting time towards storing, locating, preparing, and shipping your promotional items? With The J Paul Company’s e-commerce solution, that’s exactly how easy it can be. We’ll work with you to build an online store that makes finding the promotional items you need and shipping them to your desired location as easy as a click of your mouse.

How to prepare for trade shows- E-Commerce Solution

If you’re used to searching through boxes to find what you need, packing up a plethora of promotional products, and shipping them all out on your own, consider simplifying the process with The J Paul Company. With our e-commerce solution, you can go to your customized web store, order everything you need, and have it shipped directly to the location of your choice. No need to stock merchandise or shipping materials onsite anymore. The J Paul Company will warehouse your merchandise and manufacture what you want to keep in stock.

Working with our e-commerce team is a breeze. Simply let us know which products you need and when, and our team will get to work setting up your custom e-commerce business store to make your life as simple as possible. Not only will you get a custom e-commerce store, but we’ll send you monthly reports so you can keep up with your marketing spend and make smarter decisions for future budgets.

This e-commerce solution is incredibly easy to set up with our team of dedicated experts. Call us today at (972) 418-4977 or click here to send us an email.

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