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Technology Trends in Promotional Products

March 27th, 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and finding its way into a variety of industries. The promotional products industry is no exception. High tech promotional products are on the rise, creating excitement and increased engagement, which ultimately drives brand awareness. 

high tech promotional items

The newest tech trend on the market is called near field communication (NFC), which allows our phones, tablets, and even laptops to communicate with other devices by simply bringing the two into contact. For example, one of the most popular uses of this technology is found in mobile payment, which enables you to pay with your mobile device by simply bringing it into contact with the appropriate machine.  

The promotional products industry has found a way to bring that same technology into the marketing world by creating high tech promotional items that allow NFC compatible devices to communicate directly with a customer. NFC chips are being placed into a variety of branded promotional products, such as backpacks, journals, and even power banks.

What does this look like for your brand? Imagine for a minute that you are a large tech firm preparing to launch a new product. What if you could make the launch an interactive experience for your audience? With NFC technology, your customers can touch their device to a branded power bank, backpack, or any other item with an NFC chip to engage in an immersive experience. The chip will direct their device to previously programmed content such as videos, social media posts, or even your website. The possibilities are endless with high tech promotional products.

Creative Uses of NFC Technology

There are endless ways to use near field communication in order to create high tech promotional items. Here are a few examples to help you think of ways it can apply to your own brand:

  • Wine Distributor: view customer reviews, wine recommendations, and food pairings that go with their selections.
  • Corporate Tradeshow: show an itinerary, recommended restaurants, and even favorite sightseeing locations in the city.
  • Travel Agency: display emergency contact information for the travel agent or an itinerary of your trip. 
  • Auto Dealerships: provide the owner’s manual, a schedule for maintenance, link directly to the service department, or even display tutorial videos on what your car can do. 
  • College Campus: view a welcome package that includes a link to the university website or a landing page with a map of the campus for easy navigation.  
high tech promotional items

As you can see, the possibilities of integrating NFC technology are nearly limitless. Contact us today to talk about how to integrate high tech promotional items into your next marketing plan.

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