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Branded Items Q&A

February 24th, 2020

Q: What are branded items?

A: Branded items are products that are imprinted or “branded” with a company logo. Just about any item out there has the ability to be imprinted, whether it be through embroidery, laser, sublimation, silkscreen, or engraving. These branded items are produced and handed out to employees and/or customers to generate brand awareness, promote events, launch new products, build brand recognition, etc.

Q: How long does it take to create branded items from start to finish?

A: The lead time for the majority of standard products will fall between 7-10 business days plus transit time. If you’re looking to create fully custom products overseas then the production time increases to between 60-90 days.

Q: What branded items are best for a company to start with?

A: There isn’t a way to say exactly what items are best for all companies to start with, as not all companies have the same demographics, reasons for purchasing, or budget for their items. However, there are a couple of key categories that you can start with. Many companies begin with writing instruments, drink-ware, awards, technology, or apparel items. However, you can trust in The J Paul Co. team to help you decide which items will be best for your industry.   

Q: What are The J Paul Co.’s most popular products?

A: Our most popular branded items come from the drink-ware, apparel, technology, and eco-friendly product categories. While these are some of our top sellers right now, these items are constantly changing as new and innovative products come from our industry.  

Q: How can The J Paul Co. team help create branded items for my business?

A: The J Paul Co. team is trained to know the right questions to ask our customers in order to get a true understanding of why they are purchasing branded items. It’s our goal to make sure we are providing our customers with solutions to help them achieve their goals, rather than just selling them a product. Contact us today to learn more.

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