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“What Can Custom Branded Apparel Do for You or Your Company?”

January 24th, 2020

What is branded apparel? For most corporations or groups, it is promotional merchandise with a custom printed logo, message or campaign. But it can be so much more! How can custom branded apparel become your distinctive asset? We will put your distinctive asset on apparel in a way that makes it shine for employees, customers, fans, family, friends, etc.  Custom branded apparel is a low cost and effective way to advertise and spread your brand awareness.

In the Office or Out in the World

Internally, it can have a massive impact on the attitude and work ethic of a group. It has been recognized that the clothes we wear affect our behavior. Branded apparel can improve team culture and help to create a more collaborative environment with everyone working toward the same goal. Team collaboration and communication will improve the overall work performance and the company will see measurable progress. A fully custom welcome kit can embrace a new employee, immediately immersing them in the culture of a company and reinforce the decision to work for you.

Who doesn’t love an awesome quarter zip and a matching cap? I certainly do! Employees are proud to sport their company brand and brag about accomplishments and milestones. Custom branded apparel is also a simple way to create a professional appearance in an office environment or when visiting clients. Employees become the equivalent of walking billboards marketing your business.

Stand Out with Custom Branded Apparel!

J Paul sees your brand as a distinctive asset, so let’s make your brand stand out from the crowd. Do you have a logo, a brand color or font? It’s time for your branded apparel to become a distinctive asset by making it more identifiable in the community and to customers. A recognizable logo can trigger a call to action that can generate sales or push business. AND, because apparel can go almost anywhere, brand recognition will increase in many different areas. With so many apparel options, branded apparel works in every industry and can satisfy every fashionista or trendsetter.

Let us show you how we can use custom branded apparel to turn your brand/logo into a distinctive asset.

Let’s get personal.

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