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End the Hunt for Unique Employee Gifts

While finding unique and meaningful gifts can be tough to do, it can also be very much worth the effort. That [...]

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15 Ways to Improve Your Gifts with The J Paul Co.’s Customized Gift Boxes

Think back to some of your favorite gifts. What were they? More importantly, how were they presented? Some of our favorite [...]

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The Best Executive Gift Ideas – From the Experts

If you’re searching for the perfect gift to show your executive team how much you appreciate them, you’ll want to gift [...]

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Employee Recognition Awards – a Key to Success

“Realize that employees and the customers both have to be engaged, at the same time, to move your business forward for [...]

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Technology Trends in Promotional Products

Technology is constantly evolving and finding its way into a variety of industries. The promotional products industry is no exception. High [...]

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How to Create Custom Promotional Products with Meaning

“What new products do you have?” Customers are frequently interested in hearing about the latest and greatest in custom promotional products. [...]

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