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5 of the Most Unique Promotional Products

October 4th, 2019

Promotional products can be anything from tradeshow giveaways to executive level branded merchandise. The type of item with your brand name on it says a lot about who your company is and the message you are wanting to share. It is important to set yourself apart from your competition and to really start to think outside of the box when it comes to your branded products. So where do you even begin to find these unique promotional products? Leave it up to the creative experts at The J Paul Company.

Our sales team loves to find the newest and most creative ways to increase your brand exposure and to keep your brand top-of-mind for customers. We collaborate and brainstorm different ways to brand items that will truly deliver value to our clients. Here are just a few examples of unique promotional products that we have created:

Branded Kits

unique promotional products in a custom kit

Show them how your brand is the total package by giving the total package! Our team compiled branded commodity items and created a unique gift for a corporate challenge winner.

By personalizing and adding decoration to the retail-like gift box, the customer was wowed by the presentation of these unique promotional products and, more importantly, impressed with the brand.

Branded Shoes

J Paul Branded Sandals

Push your brand into the spotlight, one step at a time.

Colorful and bold footwear is one of the latest retail trends, which our team knew presented an exciting opportunity. With our creativity and forward-thinking, we were able to translate that retail trend into the promotional products world. This unique promotional product is great, especially for self-promotion. Wear your brand proud and leave a lasting impression on those around you.

Branded Retail Items

Custom Branded Alexa

Hey, Alexa. How can I make my brand stand out?”

Getting your logo on a name brand product can sometimes be a challenge. The J Paul Company has overcome that obstacle with our in-house production and innovative methods for decorating unique promotional products. One client of ours was interested in getting their logo on Amazon Echo Dots. With our sales team’s brainstorming and a creative in-house art department, we were able to UV Print directly onto the Echo Dots themselves! Such a cool and unique gift that gets used every day is sure to stick in your clients’ minds.

Branded Lunch Box

The J Paul Co. Branded lunch box

Out with the new and in with the old?

That’s right! The Retro look is back in retail and growing in popularity. As a result, we wanted to come up with a great product that was not only Retro looking, but also functional and fun. This Retro lunch box can be customized with any logo or design that you would like. It is sure to have people in the break room talking!

Branded Cooler

The J Paul Co. Branded Yeti Cooler

Keep Your Drinks, and Your Brand, Cool.

With our in-house production capabilities, we are constantly trying to come up with unique ways to decorate retail products. For our client, we were able to UV Print their full-color logo directly on the Yeti cooler! Whether this cooler ends up at a tailgate or a backyard BBQ, the client’s brand will be sure to draw attention. The J Paul Company is continuously seeking new and unique promotional products that can create brand exposure for our customers. Contact us today to take your project to the next level!

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