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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

April 24th, 2019

Say More with The J Paul Co.’s Picture Frame Boxes

Tired and exhausted, I held tight to my pen as I signed the documents to finally close on my very first home. For 3 years, my wife and I searched high and low to find our “forever” home. Though our energy was drained, the thought of receiving the keys to our home filled us with excitement. Forms completed and hearts racing, our time finally came. Suddenly, before walking out, the realtor casually slid our keys across the table, loose and in a heap with garage remotes and crumpled papers, as he said, “Congrats.” With years of searching and waiting in eager anticipation now finally behind us, my wife and I looked at each other a bit puzzled and thought, “Wow… couldn’t he have done better?”

Moments like these deserve personalized attention and are cause for celebration. Going the extra mile, or perhaps, not going the extra mile, is apparent to your customers, clients, or employees. These moments should be cherished memories and are opportunities to increase the value of your brand. Now enter The J Paul Company’s customized picture frame boxes:

With picture frame boxes available in three different sizes, you’re sure to find something suited to your brand’s unique needs. After such an anticlimactic experience when closing on my first home, I realized that the smallest of the picture frame boxes would be perfect for presenting new homeowners with their keys, remotes, passcodes and maybe even a gift card to a nearby restaurant. The picture frame boxes are easily customized with pictures, dates, or sayings that are special and unique to the homeowner.

metal picture frame box

Providing your clients and customers with a personalized gift can have lasting results. It enhances their experience with you and provides something that can continue to be useful to them beyond the original gift. A small investment into these picture frame boxes leaves your customer happy and impressed with your brand. Doing so could increase the chances of their leaving a review, recommending you or perhaps buying from you again in the future.

A realtor closing box is just one great use for our picture frame boxes. There are virtually limitless possibilities that can work for you or your brand!

The Small Picture Frame Box:

  • Realtor closing box personalized for the homeowners
    • Include keys, remotes, and a gift card to a local restaurant or shop
  • Jewelry gift box personalized with family photos
    • Perfect for engagement rings, charms, bangles, or family heirloom pieces
  • Vacation box personalized with your favorite trip photo
    • Hold tight to mementos or trinkets picked up along the way, a collection of photos from the trip, maps of the area, and other keepsakes 

The Medium Picture Frame Box:

  • New baby box personalized with sonogram picture or newborn picture
    • Include the hospital bracelet, new baby “beanie”, sonogram pictures, cards from friends and family, birth announcements, and more
    • This is a great alternative to a baby book
  • New puppy box personalized with a picture of your client’s new puppy
    • Great for breeders to help enhance their client’s experience picking up their new puppy
    • Include new puppy paperwork, leash, treats, and toys to get the new pet owner off on the right foot
  • Client gift box personalized with client logo and tagline
    • Treat your new clients with a branded journal, pen, and handwritten note that will keep your company top of mind  
  • Custom award box
    • Honor your top employees with an award, presented in a custom picture frame box with a laser-cut foam insert
  • Custom whiskey set
    • Treat your top employees or long-time clients with a custom box, outfitted with their favorite whiskey or liquor bottle, inserted perfectly into laser-cut foam
    • Take it a step further with branded glasses or coasters

The Large Picture Frame Box:

  • Onboarding kits for new employees
    • Make your new hires feel truly welcomed into the company with a picture frame box that is personalized with the company brand
    • Print a welcome message from the President or CEO on the inside of the lid for an added touch of personalization
    • Include items like a polo shirt, cap, journal, and pen
  • Client holiday gift box with a personalized message
    • Send your client some warmth over the holidays with a branded throw blanked and a customized hot chocolate mug with mix included
    • Kickstart your clients’ holiday celebrations with laser-etched stemware or a customized bottle of champagne
large picture frame box

At the end of the day, The J Paul Company’s picture frame boxes are all about making the moment special. Creating these moments for your clients, employees, or loved ones is sure to set you apart. Give us a call today to see how our picture frame boxes can help put your brand in the spotlight.

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