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15 Ways to Improve Your Gifts with The J Paul Co.’s Customized Gift Boxes

April 3rd, 2019

Think back to some of your favorite gifts. What were they? More importantly, how were they presented? Some of our favorite gifts weren’t just about the gift itself, but rather how they were presented. When friends, family, or employers put a little extra thought and care into their gift-giving, it leaves a lasting impression. Why not go the extra mile for your customers and clients as well with customized gift boxes?

With The J Paul Company’s customized gift boxes, you can drastically increase the impact that your promotional products or branded apparel items have on the receiver. Our customized gift boxes can be used in a variety of ways; the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. With three imprint location options (exterior lid, interior lid, and front flap), we can print everything from a logo or standard greeting to personalized letters. That way, when your recipient receives the gift, they feel truly valued and are able to cherish the custom gift that much more. Whether you’re interested in recognizing your employees, thanking your clients, or celebrating someone special, here are 15 ways you could use The J Paul Company’s customized gift boxes: 

  1. Product Launch Kit – Introduce your next product launch with a customized gift box. We can create a custom cut foam insert to hold product samples, collateral and a personalized message from your CEO.
  2. Thank You Gifts – Nothing says “thank you” like a custom and personalized gift. Utilize our customized gift boxes, filled with the latest and greatest promotional products, to properly thank guest speakers, new clients and your top performers that are always going the extra mile.
  3. Incentive Trip Announcement – Announce your next incentive trip by creating an exclusive kit that includes your company logo and the destination printed on the top. Add products like sun glasses, sun screen, a tiki mug and a personalized note from your CEO.
  4. Trade Show Box – What better way to prepare your team for the upcoming trade show than with an event kit that includes a personalized message? Fill it with event-specific items, such as a journal with a custom page that includes the event agenda, itinerary, and map.
  5. Company Values – Make your company values known by printing the value statement on the inside of the customized gift box. Fill it with great branded gear and keep them on hand for instant employee recognition.
  6. National Sales Meeting Tool Kit – Include items like a reusable journal that will last you a lifetime, a tumbler to ensure maximum hydration and a custom pen that will keep your brand top of mind each time it’s used.
  7. New Hire Kit – Nothing says “Welcome to our team!” quite like a personalized new employee kit. When you add a bit of personalization, that employee will immediately feel immersed into your company culture. Include items such as a lanyard, journal, thumb drive and apparel.
  8. Automatic Refresh of Company Gear – We can send your entire team the most up to date products with your logo. We keep the sizes, employee list, and stick to your budget to send out new polos, button down shirts and jackets.
  9. Seasonal Boxes – These customized gift boxes will ship four times a year in January, April, July and October and will include season-specific items that your team or client will love. These can be used to stay in front of a potential client or just to keep your team engaged and looking sharp.
  10. Holiday Boxes – Print a custom and personalized message directly on the customized gift box with no minimums or costly setup fees.  Your recipients will look forward to receiving your personalized and engraved wine bottle and glasses, custom engraved cutting board and knife, crystal stem wear and so much more each holiday season.
  11. Graduation Box – Include gifts to point the graduate toward success – custom journal with motivational messages, engraved pen to take studious notes and a gift card. Include a custom message congratulating the graduate and wishing them great success in their next endeavors.
  12. Employee of the Month – Celebrate your top employees with a kit that includes limited edition products. Include items that are new and have never been seen before to encourage employees to work harder to achieve it.
  13. New Client Kit – Welcome new clients with a kit that includes all of your labeled gear. Include items such as a polo, hat, tumbler and a personal message. 
  14. Custom Award Box – Create your own fully custom award and accompany it with custom dye cut foam with your laser engraved company logo. Doing so will ensure your award truly stands out and honors the recipient.  
  15. Referral Kit – Show your appreciation and boost business by encouraging referrals with a customized gift box. Include a coupon for a free month of service, a magnet, tumbler and an industry specific gift. 
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Perhaps you like some of these ideas, but you’re not quite sure where to start or how to apply them to your own company? Not to worry. Allow our creative experts at The J Paul Company to come up with a product that meets your company’s needs and that truly speaks to your brand. Give us a call today and let us help you put your brand in the spotlight with our customized gift boxes.

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