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August 12th, 2018

In this age of technology, an online company store is a must have. Global, as well as regional, companies are able to utilize their company stores to create a one stop shop for all of their departments, employees, and teams. So how does JPaul play a role in this? We are able to provide a custom eCommerce solution that fits your company’s needs. JPaul can build anything from a bulk order site for your Sales, Marketing, and HR Departments’ promotional item needs to an employee site where individuals can purchase branded apparel one at a time all while maintaining your brand integrity. We offer solutions for rewarding on the spot recognition, years of services, and safety programs as well.

Needing product fast for a last-minute meeting or tradeshow? Majority of companies without an online solution have a “marketing closet” full of promotional items and apparel stacked up in the office for these last-minute requests. Who is left managing this “closet?” How does the correct department budget get deducted for the items they take? How much money is tied up in items just sitting? JPaul can inventory your items, and through our warehousing and fulfillment capabilities, we can pick, pack, and ship orders within 1 business day. We also provide monthly reporting on sales and inventory to assist in managing your budgets and spend.

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