Get a Hole in One with Branded Golf Products

Last year more than 25 million Americans played the game of golf. Year in and year out, the golf course remains one of the biggest providers of corporate entertainment in our country. Golfing and business events continue to be closely connected because:

  • People of any age can play it.
  • People of widely differing abilities can compete against each other thanks to the handicap system. This makes the game more fun.
  • You only spend a small portion of a four-hour game actually hitting the ball, so there is plenty of time to talk shop.
  • Golf is a fine test of character by rewarding players who remain calm under pressure, never lose their temper and think strategically. These are all virtues in business, too.

With this in mind, spring is here and now is the perfect time of year to take advantage of promoting your brand through golfing events. Whether you plan to host a customer appreciation golf tournament, send prospects to a PGA event, or need employee appreciation gifts, branded golf products are sure to be used, noticed and enjoyed!

Here are some tips to remember while shopping branded golf products:

Game Time

You can’t go wrong by showing off your brand with custom golf balls, ball markers, divots, tees, towels and coolers. These are all useful, tangible products that are necessities to the game. These products will never go out of style and will be used each time you step on the course.

Branded Golf BallsScreen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.26.38 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.27.35 AMGolf TowelsGolf Coolersdivot tool

Beyond the Game

While some golf products are must-haves for the course, think about broadening your marketing scope and giving products that can also be used off the course. Logo’ed personal care items, umbrellas, luggage, and outerwear will market your brand long after the golf event is over.  For example, personal care products, such as lip balm and sunscreen, will remain useful for months because no one wants to have burnt lips and ears on the golf course or at any other outdoor activity they may attend afterwards.  Another good example of a product with staying power is logo’ed outerwear. The Advertising Specialties Institute or ASI reported in 2014 that on average, US customers report keeping outerwear for a year and a half. This means you have a walking advertisement for another year or more after the game.  Let’s not forget to mention the popular golf umbrella! These are always received with smiles because they keep players dry and protected from the sun year round.

lip balm 2sunscreen 2Golf OuterwearGolf Umbrellas

While the items listed above are some of the popular branded golf products, there are many, many more options available.  Choosing the right products for your marketing goals and budget can be overwhelming if you are scrolling through a website or catalogue.  The J Paul Company wants to partner with you to make this process seamless. We are the experts so you don’t have to be!


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[SlideShare] 12 Favorite Promotional Golf Products to Brand

The golf course is known as the “office away from the office” and it’s no secret that there are golden marketing opportunities within the sport of golf.  The U.S. Open, British Open, Masters, and PGA Championship are huge marketing events that bring in millions of sponsorship dollars from big companies like AT&T, American Express, Aflac, and FedEx.

However, promoting on the green is not just for the giant companies at big events. Small and mid-sized businesses also benefit from brand exposure on the green through promotional golf products. Successful marketing depends on being in the right place at the right time and reaching out to customers, prospects, and vendors when they are relaxed and receptive to your brand. Golf course marketing works wonders because it connects with an audience during an enjoyable, memorable recreational activity.  And with over 25 million Americans playing the game each year, promotional golf products are sure to be used, noticed and enjoyed!

With that being said, you may be wondering which products to choose and where to even begin.  Be sure to watch the above [SlideShare] of The J Paul Company’s 12 favorite promotional golf products to brand. We are the experts so you don’t have to be! Contact us today to let us help you.


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99 Golf Products to Brand

It is no surprise that business related golf outings remain extremely popular, the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for fortifying relationships between your customers and sales team. This spring enjoy the great outdoors while building and strengthening the bonds which are the sustenance of your business. Show clients, employees, and prospects how much you appreciate them with branded golf products from The J Paul Company. Get creative with showing your brand because in the golf world, the possibilities are endless.

Here is our list of 99 possible golf products to brand:

  1. Balls
  2. Plastic tee
  3. Wooden tee
  4. Poker chip ball markers
  5. Golf towels
  6. Divot tools
  7. Drink insulator
  8. Umbrella
  9. Polo golf shirt
  10. Long sleeve pullover
  11. Vest
  12. Hat
  13. Visor
  14. Pencils
  15. Scorecard holder
  16. Head covers
  17. Iron covers
  18. Money clip
  19. Wallet
  20. Golf scope
  21. 7 in 1 golf tool
  22. Sportssafe golf ball
  23. Water bottle
  24. Gloves
  25. Lanyard
  26. Luggage tag
  27. Cooler
  28. Shoe bag
  29. Microclip hat clip with ball marker
  30. Stadium cushion
  31. Picnic blanket
  32. Golf bag
  33. Golf tournament kit
  34. Crystal awards
  35. Plaques
  36. Wooden awards
  37. Trophies
  38. Mints
  39. Valuables pouch
  40. Ball washer
  41. Playing cards
  42. Par 3 Golf desk game set
  43. Sportball rain poncho
  44. Photo frame
  45. Sunscreen
  46. Lip balm
  47. Water bottle holder
  48. Silicone phone lanyard
  49. Duffle bag
  50. Backpack
  51. Laptop cover
  52. Tote bag
  53. Roller bag
  54. Hanger bag
  55. First aid kit
  56. Watch
  57. Ball marking pen
  58. Utility golf brush
  59. Tournament packs (tees and balls)
  60. Travel golf bag
  61. Cardsafe cell phone wallet
  62. Stainstick
  63. Drawstring bag
  64. Insulated tumbler
  65. Beverage Coaster
  66. Thermoses
  67. Coffee mug
  68. Wine carrier
  69. Messenger bag
  70. Toiletry bag
  71. Hand sanitizer
  72. Wet wipes
  73. Ball retriever
  74. Golf ball Cord Buddy
  75. Golf globe game
  76. Frogg Togg
  77. Golf flags
  78. Rangefinder
  79. SkyCaddie Linx
  80. Ball liner
  81. Scramble Pic
  82. Portable smartphone charger
  83. Portable speaker
  84. Keychain breathalyzer
  85. Portable chair
  86. Eco friendly Tees
  87. Trust-tee
  88. Hand wipes
  89. Sunglasses
  90. Drizzle stick
  91. Ear buds
  92. Cell phone holder
  93. Travel cell charger kit
  94. Business card case
  95. Bottle opener
  96. Wine tool set
  97. Driver
  98. Putter with branded head cover
  99. Cigar holder

Want to see 15 of our favorite golf products for 2015?  Check out our SlideShare we put together!

See any products in the list that would be a great idea for your next branded golf product give away?  Reach out to us anytime for help on golf product selection and more.  Also, check out our latest golf product promotion for FREE cart bag!