Enterprise grade services for companies of all sizes that go beyond just branding products. Convinced J Paul is your next trusted partner for promotional programs and branded merchandise? Contact us today.


Crystal Award Manufacturing

We know crystal awards!  Since 1994, delivering top quality crystal has been at the core of J Paul.  Leverage our experience and expertise in crystal awards recognition programs.

Creative Services

Need pixel-perfect artwork before your purchase?  J Paul Company has a complete in-house creative design team for everything from logo recreation to designing from sketch.

Inventory Management

Due to the success of our enterprise e-commerce portal program, The J Paul Company has developed a just-in-time inventory approach to enable enterprise clients to offer branded merchandise to their employees 24-7.  The purchase portal allows employees to purchase company branded merchandise online at anytime, and J Paul can produce and ship the items directly from our facilities.


Over our 20+ year history, we have built an extensive network of suppliers and vendors that allows us to procure a full range of products of branded merchandise. Just as important, our supplier network enables The J Paul Company to fulfill orders of any size.  Building a complete process from sourcing to delivery has been a major contributor to J Paul creating long-term client partnerships.

Digital Embroidery

With the ability to produce thousands of units per day, J Paul’s digital embroidery services go beyond the stitch.  We ensure the digital artwork is pixel-perfect and craft it into a digital embroidery pattern.  We pride ourselves on superior custom embroidery, programing the equipment for the placement of each stitch and the sequence of sewing each thread.  All our branded embroidery products are backed up by the J Paul Guarantee.

Screen Printing

The J Paul Company has made significant investments to bring screen printing in-house. Now with a full scale screen printing facility, we have the capacity to produce tens of thousands of units per day for screen print.