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5 Ways Branded T-Shirts Sway Opinions & Influence People

Jpaul shirtIf your company doesn’t have a plan to market with branded t-shirts then you are missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity. Think about the branded apparel you wear personally. You are marketing for a company every time you get dressed. The Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) reported in 2014 that 48% of U.S. consumers own branded shirts. Not only do nearly half of people own branded shirts, but ASI data also proves that people form positive connections with the company who provides them with the shirt.

Here are 5 distinct ways branded T-shirts sway opinions and influence people:

Walking Advertisements
Why do companies invest in branded t-shirts? Simple. It’s cost-effective, with prices starting in the single digits. Along with being affordable, branded shirts create a following of devoted fans and employees who wear them and become brand ambassadors everywhere they go in the community. As a result, people see your brand and become familiar with it. This is high visibility for a low cost.

Conversation Starters
T-shirts can create a buzz. Simple branded t-shirts often times start a conversation and create interest in your company, cause, or event. The easiest marketing channel you have is through current customers, members, or participants. Leveraging their circle of influence by providing a conversation starter will ultimately expand your audience and reach.

Maybe not so obvious is the personal bond created by a shirt given to a customer, employee, member, or event participant.  ASI reports 57% of U.S. consumers feel more favorable about advertisers who gave them a branded shirt. In turn, this personal bond makes people feel like they are part of your brand. When they feel favorable about your brand,  they talk about it.

Talent Magnet
Most companies will tell you their biggest challenges are creating revenue and recruiting talent. Besides helping market your brand to potential customers, branded t-shirts also give you the added benefit marketing your brand not only to potential customers but potential employees.  Have you ever said to yourself, “if I could only get another Michelle or John.” If so, as an employer you should put a branded shirt on that “Michelle or John”.  After all, like minded people tend to run in circles with similar people. From friends to general acquaintances, your employees have a network of people to expand the reach of your audience. A current employee often refers the best new hires.

Tribal Unity
Bringing a group together for a common cause can be as simple as branded t-shirts. A group of people wearing the same brand symbolizes who is part of the “tribe”, common cause, or company and creates camaraderie within the group. Have you ever participated in an event where your group or masses of people were wearing the same branded t-shirt? No matter if the group is small or large, it creates a high brand impact to any onlookers. So whether the branded t-shirts are for “tribal unity” or marketing, it makes a brand impression either way.

Lasting Legacy
ASI’s study found logoed shirts have an average staying power of 6.3 months. This means you now have an average of 6.3 months of walking advertising, recruiting, and team building wrapped up in a low cost branded t-shirt. Brilliant! To any marketer, brand touch points are a critical component to any prospect lifecycle. The ability for a cost effective marketing piece to last over six months on average is an easy win for marketers.

You’ve been thinking of getting branded t-shirts for your group, employees, clients, members, or cause …after reading this article you’re now convinced it will be worth every penny. Create that team unity you’ve been looking for, launch a new initiative, or honor the members of your cause by giving a gift that makes them feel a part of something powerful. Not only can simple branded t-shirts influence people, but they can be a consistent part of your marketing mix.


Mark this task off your to-do list today with the help of The J Paul Company.



Data Source: 2014 Advertising Specialties Institute: Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study
This data is from the 2014 Ad impression study, developed by ASI to give its members powerful data that proves what we already knew, that advertising specialties are one of the most powerful forms of advertising mediums. By offering quality branded products, The J. Paul Company is committed to helping our customers showcase their brands with absolute excellence, which is sure to leave a lasting impression. Our quality branded products not only look great but are also brought to you with personalized customer service and the comfort of knowing we will make our customer and their brands look great with every order.

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